Ron Williams Helps Former College Track Star Get Back In The Race

-Williams’s coaching helps Cross Country athlete get in better shape then when he competed in college- Nicholas Rawlings is a former college cross country runner and high school track and swimming athlete. In college he ran the 400 and 800 meters and was always active in athletics. After graduating college, Rawlings entered the workforce and by the time he was 30 years old he found himself out of shape and pushing 200 pounds.

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Ron Williams’ Training Philosophy: Introduction

I believe that God has given me an artistic gift and ability when it comes to shaping, sculpting, and building the body. There are many types of artists – sculptors, graphic artist, pencil artists, painters, conceptual artists, etc. I am like a sculptor. I look at the body as a priceless piece of clay (Genesis, 2:7-8) that can be molded and formed into whatever the artist has the talent and gifting to develop it into. Every artist has their own unique set of tools and utensils. The tools and utensils that I use to carve out every masterpiece are:

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