Ron Williams’ Training Philosophy: Introduction

I believe that God has given me an artistic gift and ability when it comes to shaping, sculpting, and building the body. There are many types of artists – sculptors, graphic artist, pencil artists, painters, conceptual artists, etc. I am like a sculptor. I look at the body as a priceless piece of clay (Genesis, 2:7-8) that can be molded and formed into whatever the artist has the talent and gifting to develop it into. Every artist has their own unique set of tools and utensils. The tools and utensils that I use to carve out every masterpiece are:

  • Understanding body types and the endocrine system
  • Using valid and effective nutritional principles
  • Applying the natural Arc Movements™ of the body and working within the joint structure
  • Being familiar with the body’s energy systems
  • Deciphering truth from myth

A good sculptor must continue to develop, refine, and sharpen his tools in order to stay on the cutting-edge of his craft. Over the years I have been privileged to work with numerous individuals and groups watching this process take place. My goal is not just to see the body change, but the whole person. The change should take place inside out —as you look better on the outside, you want to be better on the inside.

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