Ron Williams’ Training Philosophy: The Principles Part 1

Establish a Reliable Foundation: When we don’t have a solid reliable foundation we have nothing to stand on. Every new idea, thing, whim, or doctrine that comes along can easily sway us and potentially take us off our path of success. A good foundation needs to be established in all areas of our lives, so that we can be healthy, happy, and whole.

Throughout my career I have seen many people build great physiques and be self-centered and egotistical. Years ago I made a decision that I would not be that person who had a nice physique, but had no substance, depth, character, or concern for others.    With the foundation that I have developed – you can still be a caring, concerned, loving individual with an award winning physique. You must also establish a reliable foundation in the area of nutrition and exercise; without this it is easy to become confused, skeptical, and unstable going from one fitness and health fad to the next. Over the years I have watched individuals go from one fad to the next only to end up in a worse place. Following the next new thing is not always a good thing; for example, if you like new fashion trends there can be no real harm, because once the fad shifts you throw out the old clothing. But when it comes to your body you can’t just throw it out and get a new one when the latest fad fails; you are left with the repercussions and the damage. Since this is the only body you are going to get it is worth seeking out and building your foundation on true science concerning nutrition and exercise.

Understanding Muscle Confusion: I want to say this as simple as I can, the idea of muscle confusion for growth and development contradicts the nature of how God created the body. Muscle confusion or for the muscles to be confused does not make logical sense. Our bodies were designed to respond, adapt, progress, and survive these are the laws that govern the human body — not confusion. You send your body a signal and it will simply respond, if you happen to get the results you were looking for it’s because you sent the appropriate signal whether intentional or not. We tend to complicate things and make them harder than they really are; for example, I want my muscles to grow so I send the signals necessary for growth. I do not want my body to be confused, I want me and my body to be in agreement with my goals. Confusing the body should never be the goal, the goal should be to better understand the body and supply what it needs so that we can obtain our desired results.

If your desire is to have increased muscle size – you need to know that muscle size and the muscle strength are directly related. So, if you follow a training program that increases muscle strength and properly nourish your body you will get the increased muscle size that you desire. Genetically we have physical boundaries in our bodies, but not many of us ever reach full potential. The idea is to work towards increasing the strength of the muscle without sacrificing form — if you forfeit form this opens the door for future injury.

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