Ron Williams’ Training Philosophy: The Principles Part 2

Send Proper Signals: Your body only responds to what you do on a consistent basis – physically, mentally, and spiritually. So, the first step in being successful in your health and fitness goals is to predetermine the results that you desire and then send the appropriate signals necessary to achieve those results. Here are a couple of examples:

Distance Runner – If the desire is to run a half marathon, you start by running 1 mile a day for 2 weeks and then gradually increase until you are running 10 miles daily. After running 10 intense miles you eat 40 -60 grams of high glycemic carbohydrates without ingesting fat or protein. The body adapts to the activity by increasing its ability to run harder and longer and it takes the sugar and stores it so when you run intensely again you will have the short term stored energy to accommodate the energy expenditure. You will not have the need to draw an excessive amount of energy from converting muscle into energy and it decreases the body’s need to use as much fat (which takes more time and effort to convert into useable energy). Your body will get leaner because a lot of the food you are eating is being stored as Glycogen (sugar stored in the muscle)and your metabolism will naturally speed up because of the activity. The signal being sent is that I want to run faster, harder, and longer so the body needs to be leaner and have a greater glycogen capacity. By eating a certain way, applying the appropriate exercise, and taking beneficial supplements your body will respond to the signals you have sent and you will achieve your desired goals. .

Fat loss – I have researched excess body fat for more than 25 years and I have found more than 75 signals to help you lose body fat and if you reverse these same signals they will cause you to pack on excess body fat like crazy. In the example above concerning distance running, we demonstrated the signal of how eating 40-60 grams of carbohydrates without ingesting protein or an essential fatty acid helps you to reach your desired goals. If we reverse this signal and apply it to a person who hates to run and exercises very little, but they love carbohydrates and let’s say they eat 40-60 grams of carbohydrates what happens here is the carbohydrates eaten spikes the blood sugar level. This spike in blood sugar causes the pancreas to secrete excessive amounts of insulin and insulin is a fat storing hormone.

Competitive HEALTHY Natural Bodybuilding – Below I have outlined13 principles used by a natural bodybuilder, which includes both fitness and fat loss signals. Although fat loss is achieved, less than 1% of the population desires to follow this strenuous of a program. The bodybuilder’s regimen is done to prepare for a competition, not for a permanent lifestyle. When the competition is over, the athlete’s body fat will increase. A fitness oriented program has short-term results, compared to a fat loss program which is a lifestyle:

  • 20-30 Minutes of Consistent Cardio (Fat Loss Signal)
  • Glycogen Storage Cardio (Fitness Signal)
  • Glycogen Replacement Meal (Fitness Signal)
  • Never Eat a Carbohydrate by Itself (Fat Loss Signal)
  • Eat 5 to 6 Meals per Day (Fat Loss Signal)
  • Drink a Minimum of 64 oz. of Distilled Water Fortified with Trace Minerals Daily (Fat Loss Signal)
  • Ron Williams Focal Point Training (Fitness Signal)
  • Ron Williams IsoDynamic Fat Loss Training (Fat Loss Signal)
  • Eat Carbohydrates in Proper Order (Fat Loss Signal)
  • Resistance Training for Muscle Mass (Fitness Signal)
  • Chromium Supplementation (Fat Loss Signal)
  • Intense Leg Track Training (Fitness Signal)
  • Heavy Squat Training (Fitness Signal)

Discover the Root of the Problem: We have roots in our lives that are good and we have roots that are not so good. The root represents the cause, the foundation, or the life source of every circumstance. It is the lifeline of what is actually seen. In order to alleviate what is seen we need to destroy and replace some of the roots in our lives; just like with the dandelions in our yards.

The dandelion is a tough weed. This is a flower that once it seeds, if left alone, will eventually consume the yard. When we make a decision on how to destroy the dandelion, if we don’t understand its nature, the only thing we can resort to is our own common sense, which says mow the lawn or cut the flower, but the problem is that this is only a temporary solution. What we are really doing when we cut the flower is dealing with what can be seen on the surface. And what can be seen is only evidence that there is something deeper. The flower is connected to the root system of the plant and until the root is destroyed the flower will keep coming back. Once the root is destroyed the flower simply dies.

When it comes to losing excess body fat many of us resort to the latest fad diet. We deal with what can be seen, which is the excess body fat. So we do what we have been taught which is to cut calories and exercise, but this is only a surface solution. The excess fat is what can be seen (or the surface) and is only evidence that there is something deeper. In order to be successful we must do exactly what is done with the dandelion which is going to the root and destroying it.

By not dealing with the root of the problem all of our dieting efforts usually end in failure. If we continue to deal with the symptom, which is the excess body fat, it will keep coming back. Each time we lose body fat, without discovering the root and destroying it, our metabolism suffers. This makes fat loss that much more difficult the next time.

Dandelions and excess body fat have the following similarities:

  • If the root is not destroyed both the dandelion and the body fat will return.
  • Each time we deal with what we see (the flower or the excess body fat) and not “the root,” when it comes back it’s tougher and harder to destroy.
  • If not effectively addressed they will increase in size and number.
  • In order to overcome excess body fat and the dandelion you must have appropriate knowledge.
  • Dealing with the surface brings a short-term sense of security, because you will think the problem is gone when it’s actually still there and will soon resurface.

In order to develop an effective solution for any problem we must first discover its origin or “the root.”

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