Water: Clear Doesn’t Always Mean Clean

Over the years I have spent time studying and learning many aspects of the water we drink and the water necessary for optimal healthy living. Water has a profound effect on every bodily function and depending on our age and health it makes up approximately 70% of our body.  If we fill our bodies with poor quality water it will definitely have an impact on our overall health.

Good quality water is one of the most important elements that our body requires to function properly and to be healthy. Unsafe, polluted, toxic water is not just a third world problem. In fact, safe drinking water is even hard to find in developed countries including the United States. According to research most tap and well water in the United States is unsafe for drinking, because of industrial and environmental pollutants and toxins.  Most sources of our drinking water; such as municipal water systems, wells, lakes, rivers, and even glaciers contain some level of contaminants. The chemicals and toxins come from pesticides used in farming, medications, hormone-therapy, man-made chemicals and by-products, and chemicals that are introduced into the water; such as chlorine and fluoride. While several contaminants are found at low levels and don’t cause immediate discomfort or sickness, many are bio-accumulative meaning that they accumulate in the body.  These toxins and chemicals can be stored throughout the body with many settling in the fat cells until they become damaging to our health. These chemicals cause issues like obesity, hormonal imbalances in men and women, liver damage, cancer, and other serious ailments.

Tap water may also contain traces of prescription drugs. An investigation by the Associated Press has revealed the presence of a vast array of pharmaceuticals in municipal drinking water including antibiotics, fat loss resistant chemicals, mood stabilizers, and sex hormones. These drugs were found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans and in 24 major metropolitan areas – from Southern California to Northern New Jersey.

The distillation process is the best way to get an excellent source of clean water. It effectively removes the vast majority of pollutants, chemicals, and toxins. Distilled water is water vapor that has been captured and bottled, which is pure H2O.  When you add Ionic Trace Minerals to the distilled water you have a perfect drinking water that will properly hydrate your body, detoxify your system, and help you to live in optimal health.

In order to ensure the quality of water that I am drinking; I avoid drinking tap water and most bottled waters and purchase distilled water that I fortify with Ionic trace Minerals.

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