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Love It

I can get that inner chest workout without going to the gym. I use a 35 pound weighted plate on my back when using my Chest Master. Plus, the resistance band that comes with it is of good quality. I would recommend it. It will be great addition to your home gym equipment.

Much thanks Ron for putting this together&out there)))

I have always had a tougher time finding beneficial work outs to build my inner pec muscle; this does and ‘joy using it daily.
Different than Ron’s displays, tho for me seems to be just right.
I first did the way Ron demonstrated (down on the ground) tho then found an uP right standing way to use that also benefits my body.
Thanks AGAIN)))

Iron chest master review

I completely am mind browned by the product, I been doing push ups for years with proper form and always felt it in my arms and shoulders, but now ever since I have gotten the iron chest master I feel my chest worked all over and I’m only doing it on my knees and feel the tight squeeze all around and that’s saying something. After the first week I’m already seeing little bits of my chest getting toned up, hopefully in the next 6 to 7 weeks my chest will be completely defined. This is by far one of the best investments I have made for physical fitness.

Chest pump for days

Read the title then add to cart and order. It’s worth it.


Perfect for sculpting your chest sectional… shirts off all summer. Iron chest challenges you every step of the way, either resistance pr perfecting the age old push up. Can’t wait for these next few months of results.