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These bands are intermediate but they are useful when I’m working out with someone who is beginner so they cannot get discouraged.

Love this and I definitely was in need of new bands because I love using this product daily during my workout


Great product, using it regularly..

Iron Resistance Bands
alexander weisz
Resistance bands

They seem to wear out too quickly. Hopefully the cover will help.
Sometimes they bind on the handles where they connect

Iron master is wonderful machine

I thank you for bless

Gold standard!!!

I’ve been trying to build a chest for a long long time and now I have a machine that can help solve that problem. So happy I purchase and already seeing results within just a few weeks!!! I highly recommend

Great equipment

I love it I’ve seen results

Absolutely wonderful purchase and smooth
delivery. Thank you.

Iron Resistance Bands
Michael Mc Gauran

Iron Resistance Bands

I love it

Getting back to it

Iron Chest Pro is getting myself back into shape again.I'm 62 years old and stopped working out 10 years ago. With Iron Chest Pro I can feel the difference in my first week.Easy to use and helps chest,shoulders,triceps,and my core.

I love it for the very specific area it focuses on, the center of the chest. BUT if the center plastic piece were doubled I could hook the back of the bands in the center use it with the tension in the opposite direction, providing the same specific target for the center of my BACK as well, doubling the utility. It is constructed with great quality and could handle the modification I am suggesting. Can I get a second center piece and I can mod it to try? Thank you.


Really nice Machine, I am working out everyday
My chest is growing and I am feeling better.

Iron Chest Master® Fitness System

Iron Resistance Bands
kameron james
Best inner chest workout

Targets the middle of the pec and upper peck depending on how your positioned

It’s a very good product

High quality

Easy to order and received in a couple of days.


Got it works great thank you

Iron Resistance Bands
Hashim Ahamad
Nonstop Workout

Great that the bands on the iron chest master can be replaced. I can keep working out on the best push-up piece of equipment I ever had!


This is the real deal, no BS!! Absolutely love it

Love it, such a great piece of equipment. Instantly upgrades your pushups, comes with enough resistance to ensure you have a lot of room to progress. I think it’ll take me at least a year to 18 months to come close to the max load.

Feel the burn.

I am by no means a push up expert. I still do them on an incline but I can say the Iron Chest Master is certainly giving an added dimension to that routine. I can literally feel the burn, those muscles are being activated. I’m positive that in no time I’ll have the well defined chest live always wanted.