Maximize Your Workout with these 2 Morning Nutrition Hacks
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Two Powerful Morning Nutrition Hacks That Will Help You Maximize Your Workout

Because of the timeframe in which most people perform their job duties, the morning and the evening are the most common workout periods for the overwhelming majority of fitness enthusiasts. Nutrition will always be a crucial element of fitness, and is a major factor in whether or not people ultimately achieve their fitness goals, and also how quickly they’re able to accomplish them using morning nutrition hacks.


If you exercise in the evening, it is a near certainty that you have consumed a sufficient amount of calories during the day in order to effectively fuel your workout, but what about in the morning? Sadly, many morning exercisers either opt to go without consuming any nutrients at all before they begin their workouts, or they fuel themselves with foods that are inefficient, or with foods that might hinder their training progress and don’t help maximize your workout.


In order to help you properly prepare yourself for your early morning training, here are two powerful morning nutrition hacks that will help you maximize your workout.



Power Breakfast


Power Breakfast

It is important to eat well, to eat healthy, and to eat in a manner that is conducive to meeting my goals. This is never more important than in selecting what to eat for breakfast. At the same time, I also like my food to taste good.

One of my standard breakfasts is eggs with extra lean ground turkey, green peppers, red peppers, and onions. I make sure to use lots of cruciferous vegetables because they help to decrease body fat by absorbing some of the fat-loss-resistant chemicals that we ingest in our everyday diets.

In our bodies, we have what are called “estrogen mimickers,” along with halogens and excitotoxins, and all of those create excess body fat. So, we need to get rid of those.


I cook the vegetables first on low heat, because they take a little longer than the other ingredients. Then I add the eggs, but I don’t cook them in oil. Instead, I scramble them in distilled water. That may sound strange, but I promise you you’ll enjoy them when you taste them. I also manually add liquid mineral drops to the water, since our bodies are electrically conducted.

When I cook the eggs, I turn the heat up extremely high, essentially boiling the water out of the eggs while they’re in the process of being cooked. In fact, I don’t even add the eggs to the water until the water is already boiling.

The next thing I do is add the ground turkey to the vegetable mixture that’s already heating. By this point, the eggs will be starting to cook. I move them around in the pan to make sure they’re not sticking. Then when the vegetables are finished cooking, I season them, and mix them together with the eggs.

Cooking the eggs in water allows me to avoid making them greasy and oily for no reason, and it also adds to their fluffiness. I make sure to use eggs from free range chickens as opposed to chickens that were forced to lay eggs under lights. The content of the unstressed chicken’s egg is significantly healthier than that of the stressed-out chicken.


I make sure the vegetables are gently boiled and not overcooked so that the enzymes are released and work for you in your body.

This sort of meal is perfect for the body in that it’s completely nourishing. To me, this is a perfect breakfast that can help you maximize your workout, along with the rest of your day.



Power Drink: The No. 1 Morning Nutrition Ha


Power Drink: The No. 1 Morning Nutrition Hack

There are plenty of liquids you can drink to maximize your workout, whether it’s an energy drink, a powdered pre-workout supplement, or something else entirely. A lot of people consume these drinks early in the morning before their workouts, because the drinks simultaneously help to wake them up, and provide them with some calories to help fuel their workouts. When it comes to my own pre-workout drink, I customize a drink to meet my personal standards and requirements.

One thing I won’t do is take stimulants like commercial energy drinks or a lot of the other stimulants you’d find in GNC that are designed to give you an artificial buzz before your workout. When I’m in a phase where I’m trying to lose body fat, I need to be careful about the signals I’m sending my own body. In keeping with this, I use my pre-workout drink to send my body signals that will translate into both fat loss and strength, because increased strength leads to muscle gain.

To make a pre-workout drink for yourself that’s similar to mine, first you want to start with a great source of water. I prefer bottled water that has been distilled with reverse osmosis. From there, you’ll need a source of lemon juice. One of the best things you can do is get raw lemons and squeeze the juice from those, but I also like using bottled organic lemon juice.


When I get sugar for my drink, I use organic cane sugar. It is by far one of the best morning nutrition hacks. When people ask why I use sugar, I remind them that the body uses a tremendous amount of glycogen that is stored in the muscle, so when you make any sort of workout or recovery drink, you want it to replace the glycogen that you’ll deplete during your workout. I also add arginine to my pre-workout drink, which helps to release the HGH that sits beneath the pituitary gland. 

When you’re adding arginine, make sure you don’t take protein with it. The arginine crosses the blood-brain barrier as long as it’s alone. If you take it with another protein, it simply becomes another part of a complete protein used for muscle repair.

When I’m mixing the drink, the first thing I do is add liquid mineral drops to the water. After the minerals, I add lemon juice for flavor, and then I add the sugar.

Your body takes the path of least resistance, and it’s filled with sugar stored in the muscles in the form of glycogen. When your muscles are straining during your training sessions, glycogen is being pulled out of them. This drink helps me make sure I have plenty of glycogen in store so that it can be replenished.

Your body is 70 percent water, and each ounce of glycogen in your system requires three ounces of glycogen-bound water. Often, when you lose weight and you cut your carbohydrates, you lose glycogen from the muscle, and you lose muscle size as a result.

What I want to do is increase my size, and for my body to increase its capacity to hold on to glycogen. The more sugar my body is able to store because of my training, the bigger the muscles become. This is one of the reasons people love creatine so much; it helps to store water in the muscle instead of between the fatty tissue and the skin. Personally, I never take creatine because it’s part of the krebs cycle, and your body produces its own form of creatine.

You don’t want to destroy your metabolism; you want to teach your body how to utilize all of the calories you’re ingesting in order to maximize your workout.

Ten minutes before you start your workout, you can drink this mixture, and you’ll probably be surprised by how well it saturates the muscle.

Before I take something, I need to make sure it’s something with no negative side effects. It has to be something that won’t negatively affect my heart. It can’t affect my cortisol levels or my adrenal glands. Also, it has to help me reach my goals, including extending life and longevity.

I research everything before I take it, and I don’t want something that’s going to create a feeling of artificial rejuvenation. I want something like arginine that is going to help me release my natural human growth hormone and truly help me to grow. So, I don’t rely on artificial stimulants; I rely on science. You can stimulate your own natural human growth hormone without relying on all of the other unnecessary chemicals.

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