RW Extra Heavy Resistor with Sleeve (60 lbs.)

RW Extra Heavy Resistor with Sleeve

RW Extra Heavy Resistor with Sleeve (60 lbs.)



Extra Heavy Resistor = 60 pounds of Resistance 

  • Carefully designed 54-inch resistance band allows maximum contraction on exercises like the standing bicep curl, squats, side steps and many more. 
  • 100% latex with high elasticity and extra thick tubes so bands will not dry out, snap, or deform.
  • Includes protective sleeve to prevent exercise tube from breaking and causing injury, and allows you to comfortably use the band around your back or legs without pinching the skin.
  • Workout bands resistance sculpts arms, shoulders, chest, back, glutes, legs, etc. to tone the body of your dreams.
  • Use alongside bodybuilder, Ron Williams’ Iron Chest Master for extreme training that targets the entire body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Victor Hamel
Excellent workout tool

This is a very versatile exercise tool and I can work all my body parts with it. I highly recommend it.

Jerry Brown

Excellent resistance for small space

Drop Weight Daddy
Drop Weight Daddy gives the DWD Approval.

I am Very cautious of the products I endorse & also the person behind the product. I am proud & privileged to endorse Ron Williams Resistance Bands.

Franck Toe
Time to get fit

Great tool that can be conveniently used in many settings. If you put in the work, the result will be noticeable in just a couple of weeks. I wish they could have heavier bands than the 20lbs black ones they got.


Since the pandemic, I have avoided the gym and wanted to simulate crossover press exercises. The Iron Chest Master has been a great addition to my home training studio.