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Iron Chest Master® Fitness System


- Stablity and growth.
- Protection of joints & chest growth.
- Utilizes power position.

Iron Chest Master Carrying Bag


- Comfortable and sleek.
- Zipper pockets for your resistance bands, keys and cell phone.
- Durable and lightweight; makes carrying and storing your Iron Chest Master a breeze.

Iron Chest Master Standard Replacement Bands


- Each band offers 10 lbs of resistance.
- 6 Standard Resistance Bands to challenge you with every workout.
- 60 lbs. Total Resistance.

Chest Strap


- Add 60 lbs. of resistance to the push-up movement of the exercise.
- Great sturdy quality.
- Quickly develop chest size and strength.

Iron Resistance Bands


- Each band offers 20 lbs. of resistance.
- Interchangeable heavy-duty resistance bands created for the advanced user.
- Take your workout to the next level.
- 120 lbs. Total Resistance.

RW Heavy Resistor with Sleeve (45 lbs.)


- 54-inch Resistance band allows Maximum contraction on bicep curls, squats, side-steps and many more.
- 100% high quality latex with high elasticity and extra thick tubes.
- Protective sleeve included to prevent breaking and causing injury.

Iron Bands & Chest Strap


- More Resistance = More Results.
- Get more from your contraction and your workout. GET SHREDDED!
- Take the sculpting and building of your chest, shoulders and triceps to the next level!

RW Extra Heavy Resistor with Sleeve (60 lbs.)


- 54-inch Resistance band that sculpts arms, back, glutes, and legs.
- Protective sleeve allows you to comfortably use the band without pinching your skin.
- Use for extreme training that targets the entire body.